How about a candle that is good for you? Our Chakra and Spa lines of candles and body products are 100% all natural and skin safe. Our secret blend not only gives you the cleanest burning candle on the market (or your money back), but we are the only FDA compliant and approved wearable candle. These candles can be used straight out of the jar with included natural wood spatula as a body butter.  Alternately you may light your candle, wait for about 20 - 30 minutes (until a nice pool is formed) and pour the warm oil into your hands to use for massage. Our blend melts just a little above body temperature so you can feel safe knowing that it will not get too hot. Because everyone is different, please test for heat and allergies on your wrist.  This is a very moisturizing, emollient lotion and a little goes a long way! Not recommended for use on children or in intimate areas. Please keep out of your eyes and never ever leave a burning candle unattended. 
*May contain tree nut oils.